If you have questions about my private chef services, you’ve come to the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private chef?

A private chef (that’s me!) is a trained culinary professional who works toward providing you with delicious homemade meals, snacks and/or desserts customized to your individual palate and dietary needs.  Private chefs can also offer other services, such as catering in-home cocktail/dinner parties and providing private cooking lessons.

Typically, a private chef will take care of menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, food storage, and clean up.

Who needs a private chef?

Lots of people!  Clients may include:

  • Time pressed professionals with demanding schedules
  • Busy moms and dads
  • Senior citizens who may need help shopping and cooking
  • Individuals recuperating from injury or illness
  • People on special diets
  • Those looking to lose weight or improve their health
  • Anyone who doesn’t like – or know how – to cook
  • New and expecting moms
  • Everyone and anyone looking to come home to a home cooked meal without any of the hassle involved in shopping, prep and clean up!

Did you go to culinary school/what are your credentials?

I graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program, which is an ACCET accredited culinary program focusing on health supportive cooking.  I have experience cooking in Michelin starred restaurants, the James Beard House, the James Beard Foundation Awards, and have cooked extensively in the private homes of celebrities, families and individuals throughout the NYC/Long Island area.  I also hold my certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell, based on the groundbreaking research of T. Colin Campbell, co-author of The China Study.

I eat meat/poultry/pork/fish/dairy/eggs.  Can we still work together?

Of course, but know that I do not cook meat, poultry, pork, fish/shellfish, dairy or eggs as part of my services – however, I have had many omnivorous clients hire me so that they can go “meatless” several meals or days of the week, painlessly and deliciously!  I will work with you to understand your palate and favorite foods and will come up with plant-based versions of your favorite meals so that you will leave the table feeling full and satisfied, while still meeting all of your nutritional needs (and then some!).

I’m following a special diet (gluten free, soy free, etc.) – can you accommodate my needs?

Absolutely!  I have worked with clients with extensive allergies, food sensitivities, and restrictions and always come up with delicious, varied, and healthy menus for them to enjoy, and will do the same for you!  I have extensive experience catering to all different types of dietary needs, so you’ll be in good hands.

Will you cook in my house?  Do I need to be home?

Yes, I will come to you and cook in your home kitchen.  Whether you are home or not while I am cooking is entirely up to you!

Do you provide meal delivery services?

I take on meal delivery clients on a case by case basis, depending on your needs and location.  Contact me for more information!

How does it work?

You and I will have an initial conversation to review your diet, nutrition goals, food preferences and restrictions, favorite cuisines, and what you hope to get from hiring a private chef.  I’ll explain my cooking style, nutrition perspective and areas of expertise and offer you some sample menus that I would be able to create for you based on your preferences.  We can set up a “trial date” for you to taste my cooking and decide whether or not you’d like to proceed with a regular arrangement.  From there, we’ll decide on a mutually agreed upon schedule and before long, you’ll be coming home to the delicious aromas of home cooked meals perfectly tailored to your taste buds and dietary preferences.

What are your specialties?

My expertise lies in plant-based natural foods (vegan).  I strive to use locally grown, organic ingredients when possible in order to create meals that are colorful, bursting with flavor, and pack a serious nutritional punch.  I want you to feel satisfied and energized after each meal.

I love to use flavors from all over the world, but am especially fond of Italian, Mediterranean, and Latin foods.

I don’t live on Long Island – will you travel to my home?

I’m happy to travel for clients in the NYC metropolitan area outside of Long Island, including to New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, and New Jersey – email me (lauren@laurenkretzer.com) for more details!

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