My Foolproof Tip for Improved Nutrition

National Nutrition Month

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day (follow me at @laurenkretzer) and read that March is National Nutrition Month.  I’m happy to share my birth month with a nationwide effort to bring awareness and action to our food choices because it’s otherwise a pretty miserable month – the weather is still atrocious and it’s easy to seek comfort in all the wrong places (I’m looking at you, sleeve of Thin Mints).

Instead of eating our way through the snow and freezing temps, let’s use National Nutrition Month as motivation to make positive change in our diets so we can look and feel our best come summer.  While it might be hard to completely ditch the oozy and gooey foods that distract us from the sub-zero temps outside, I have a foolproof, painless way to tweak your diet that will instantly improve your nutrition, even if you don’t change a single other thing (really!).

Here it is: eat a serving of fresh fruit or raw veggies (preferably of the dark, leafy variety) at each meal.  So for instance, if you’re having something less than ideal for breakfast, have apple slices or an orange alongside your meal.  Same thing goes for lunch and dinner – if you’re throwing caution to the wind and ordering the fried pickles and not intending on sharing with anyone (not that I’d know anything about that…), make sure you have a small kale salad on the side dressed simply with olive oil and lemon juice.

It’s a foolproof way to sneak in extra servings of the most nutrient dense foods available, and the fiber will help to fill you up, leaving less room for the naughty stuff.  I also find that the more you incorporate fruits and raw vegetables into each meal, the more your palate starts to lean in that direction.  Before you know it, you’ll be craving produce over processed foods – I promise!

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