Praise & Press
  • "Lauren is one of the most brilliant, talented and versatile recipe developers I've ever worked with. She creates delicious, easy to make show-stoppers that will wow your readers and eaters alike! I love working with her and so will you."

    Kris Carr, New York Times best selling author

  • "It’s a joy to work with someone like Lauren, whose passion for creating delicious, wholesome vegan food extends far beyond her career description as a chef and recipe developer. Lauren’s clear and unwavering dedication to spreading a message of compassion, wellness, and environmental stewardship through our dietary choices is inspiring and much needed in the world we live in today."

    John & Ocean Robbins, Bestselling authors & co-founders, Food Revolution Network

  • “Lauren Kretzer is an excellent vegan chef. She has a great palate for whole food cooking and for flavor balance – I would recommend her to anyone looking for a private chef and great healthy meals.”

    Amy Chaplin, James Beard Award Winning Author of
    At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

  • “Making plants taste so good that people ask for seconds, thirds, or for you to permanently cook for them isn’t typically an easy task. Well, for Lauren, it is. Lauren makes plants drool-worthy and makes you re-think the notion that healthy food equals bland food. I’m not sure what her secret sauce is, but I gather it’s some puree of poise, passion and creativity – with a bit of avocado. Because everything’s better with avocado, and Lauren certainly knows that, as well as how to make every other fruit, veggie, nut and seed taste incredible. Hire Lauren and watch yourself become healthier while eating out-of-this-world delicious food (which is typically an oxymoron, except when Lauren’s in the kitchen).”

    Talia Pollock, Author and Owner of

  • “We reached out to Lauren at a time when we were trying to juggle some health issues that required a drastic change in our diet. Lauren came on board like a member of the family and immediately impressed us with her excellent cooking and warm presence. She stocked our pantry and fridge with healthy ingredients and introduced us to a number of new super foods that we had never tried, but found to be delicious and healthy. Lauren quickly taught us that eating vegetarian was easy, satisfying, and healthy. She’s a wonderful chef.”

    Amy K., Private Client

  • “As a full-time working mom commuting into the city with a demanding schedule, I was having a very hard time figuring out ways to make sure my family was eating clean, healthy foods, and eating less meat. We were eating take out at least 5 nights a week. Through coaching sessions and meal planning, Lauren helped me discover how to create wholly nutritious vegan meals that were delicious, easy to prepare, and freeze well, that both my toddler and husband liked! She was really easy to talk to and work with – always provided thoughtful and realistic advice and insights on food/meal prepping, stocking my pantry and menu planning. One of the best things she taught me was how to create meals that do not require recipes. I truly enjoyed working with her, and in one month have been averaging home-cooked meals at least 5 nights a week. She has been fantastic to work with, and look forward to working together again soon.”

    Eugenia L., Private Client

  • “Our family has had the pleasure of tasting Chef Lauren’s delicious yet healthy cooking when she has cooked for us on various occasions. We have had her cook for small, intimate gatherings of friends to large formal parties. From getting the highest quality ingredients, to prepping, as well as beautifully plating the food, she does it all with ease and a smile on her face. It’s a pleasure to have her in our home and try her extremely innovative and versatile cooking!”

    Akshie S., Private Client

  • “Chef Lauren has been a godsend for me! Following a health crisis, my husband chose to follow a plant-based diet, and cooking two different meals every night was extremely time consuming and challenging....

    My husband found Lauren online and explained to her our family dynamic, including my hesitancy. I thought a private chef was a luxury that didn’t suit our lifestyle or my personality, but as soon as Lauren walked in the door and set to work I relaxed. I was able to tend to other things around the house, and boy did I enjoy the meal she prepared – and only cooking for my children that night!

    Lauren’s food is healthy and delicious and less expensive than take-out or a restaurant. She is educated in plant-based nutrition, talented and a real joy to have in our home. To say I look forward to Lauren’s monthly menu is an understatement, and what a reversal it’s been for me: Now I can’t imagine how I’d cope without her!“

    Anonymous, Private Client