Campanelle with Spinach Macadamia Pesto

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There are many, many nights when my desire to just get something on the table rivals my need for a dinner that’s simultaneously healthy, satisfying and, of course, delicious.  It’s on nights like these – especially in the warmer months – when I turn to pesto pasta.  It’s quick, no doubt, but even better, it’s one of those meals that is ridiculously customizable.  Pesto can be made with nearly any herb or dark leafy green, and nuts can be swapped out for whatever you have in your pantry.

Spinach Macadamia pesto just might be my new favorite variation.  The spinach adds a vibrant green hue and packs a big nutritional punch, and the macadamias make this sauce creamy and buttery without the dairy.  Miso might seem like an unconventional addition (and it is!), but it adds the wonderful salty umami that cheese usually brings to classic pesto recipes.  This recipe makes enough pesto to generously coat 1 pound of pasta, but if you prefer a lighter dish, use a little less and save the rest to use throughout the week as a veggie dip, a sandwich spread, or dolloped into buddha bowls.  If you can’t find campanelle pasta, substitute with orecchiette or farfalle.

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