Salt and Vinegar Popcorn

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Popcorn has always been one of my go-to snacks – it’s a whole food (always a win!), super customizable, and in most cases, you can eat a big ol’ serving of it without too much guilt.  I’ve owned a few different popcorn making devices in the past, but have been making stovetop popcorn most often lately – it just tastes better, and eliminates the need for a 1-purpose kitchen appliance (I’ve been making an effort to pare down my kitchen clutter lately and it feels amazing!).  Most of the time, I pop my kernels in coconut oil and then add salt and nutritional yeast – but lately I’ve been looking to shake things up a bit.  Enter malt vinegar powder – it’s a genius way to give “salt and vinegar” flavor to popcorn without creating soggy kernels.  It’s readily available online and a little goes a long way (use your leftover vinegar powder on potato chips or French fries!) This popcorn couldn’t be simpler, but it will really jazz up your next movie or game night in a big way.

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