Spicy Poblano and Sweet Potato Chili

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I admit it: despite the fact that I cook for a living, I regularly stress out over what to cook for company.  I want to make something that everyone will love, but often don’t have the time to spend on a labor intensive recipe.  I want whatever I cook to be appropriate for the vegans at my table, but also for the meat-eaters.  Oh, and if I can cook something a full day in advance and have it taste even better the next day?  Gimme.

I created this recipe for Spicy Poblano and Sweet Potato Chili a while back for by CHLOE., and it remains one of my favorites because it’s just so darn versatile.  I’ve cooked it for a Super Bowl party, during a big blizzard, for a potluck, for casual company, and for a friend with a new baby.  On top of being vegan and omnivore friendly, it’s also gluten free and soy free, so there aren’t too many people who can’t enjoy this chili.  It’s perfectly spicy and has the unexpected addition of cocoa powder, which really adds great depth of flavor and richness that all of your guests will love.  It’s also a great freezer meal, so if you’re into batch cooking, you can make a big pot of this one Sunday afternoon, stick it in the freezer, and have something wonderful to defrost and enjoy during an especially busy week.  

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