Tempeh Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

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This vegan stuffed mushroom recipe was developed in partnership with Yondu, the vegan umami seasoning sauce. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me and my family!

Suffice it to say that the holidays are going to look a bit different this year; despite (or perhaps because of) the intense challenges that 2020 has posed, I’m determined to find a way to make the season feel festive! Whether you’re gathering with your immediate household, or inviting a limited amount of close family over, there are ways to make this time of year as merry as ever. I’m personally looking forward to having a “holiday party” with my immediate family on an upcoming Friday night – we’ll get dressed up, put on Christmas music, trim the tree, and enjoy some holiday appetizers. Even though we won’t be able to properly gather with our extended family and friends, I’m comforted knowing that these sacrifices are with everyone’s well-being in mind and will allow us to be together next year.   

One of my very favorite things to eat at holiday parties is stuffed mushrooms. Vegan versions are a bit hard to come by, though, since stuffed mushrooms typically include animal products. Making your own not only guarantees a completely plant-based dish, but you can control the quality of ingredients! I love serving these when I entertain, and often contribute them to potlucks (pre-COVID, of course). This year, we’ll enjoy them at our aforementioned family holiday soiree! They’re always a hit – savory, hearty, and uniquely rich in umami, thanks to the addition of Yondu, one of my new favorite condiments. 

If you’re not yet familiar with Yondu, it’s a savory seasoning product that packs serious flavor. I’d describe it as tamari-meets-a-concentrated-vegetable-stock. The ingredient list is simple – organic, non-GMO fermented soybeans and vegetables (onion, white radish, leek, cabbage, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic). It adds instant depth and umami to whatever you add it to, from soups to stews, curries and stir fries, salad dressings and marinades, even pasta sauce! It’s so versatile and I’ve been having so much fun incorporating it into my meals and recipes. If you’d like to try it yourself (and you totally should!), head on over to their Amazon store and you can get 20% off with my special code, 20ChefLauren

For these stuffed mushrooms, I chose to use cremini mushrooms instead of the classic white button variety. I like creminis because they are a bit more flavorful, but you can certainly swap in white button mushrooms if you prefer! They’re filled with a savory plant-based Italian sausage crumble and sautéed spinach – crumbled tempeh sautéed with garlic, fennel seeds, and Yondu lend classic sausage flavor, the greens add some color and a nutrition boost. Feel free to use some finely chopped kale or swiss chard instead, if you prefer! They add a bit more texture and earthiness, but taste just as delicious.

These can be assembled a few hours in advance and baked right before serving. If you have any leftover filling, it tastes great on top of pizza or tossed into pasta – use it as you would with any meat-based crumbled sausage mixture!

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